Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School!

Well, I can’t believe it, but tomorrow I meet my new students: I’ve spent many days preparing my room and I’m pleased with the way it looks. I have my books ready, projects prepared – and all my Open House materials printed. Open House is tomorrow evening, after a minimum day with students.

Some may be horrified at the idea of Open House on the first “night” of school, but I like it: I am able to tell my parents my expectations up front and everyone starts the year off on the right foot.

I’ve only met a few of my children but I know many of the families on my class list: I have had older siblings in the past, so I’m excited about the new school year. I'm starting the year off with Pete the Cat - I've used a lot of resources from all the wonderful blogs out there and created a cute labeling Pete bulletin board. I also scanned a picture from one of the Pete books and printed it poster sized for another bulletin board. The room looks cheerful and friendly! 

When do you start back to school? 


  1. Public schools in Alabama are not allowed to start before Aug. 20, this year. In my district teachers begin Aug. 13 but since my daughter started band camp on July 30-I have been at school from 8-1 every day while she practices. :)But with all this built in time, I've cleaned out LOTS of cupboards.

  2. We used to start after Labor Day but they changed the schedule to a "modified traditional" schedule. We have more time off during the school year and less during summer - and we start WAY earlier. Good luck with YOUR beginning of the school year! Lisa