Friday, September 14, 2012

Whatta Class, I Mean, Really!

Okay, it's official - I seriously love my class! They are funny and smart - and they keep me on my toes every minute of the day! I've actually pulled out my "combination class" plan book just to keep up with them!

Yesterday, my best friend (who has retired) came in for the second time this school year to volunteer in my classroom. The first time she came, I introduced her and we told the class that we were best friends - to which, they all remarked, "You're BFF's!" We smiled and agreed that we were.

So when she walked in yesterday, they greeted her with, "Hi, Mrs. BFF!" Don't you love it? I do -and  she does - and i think she's about to fight me for who gets to teach these lovely children! She led reading groups with my class and then pulled a few kids that need intervention, so it's great to have her in my room!

Oh! And have I told you how GREAT my parents are? They are kind and sweet - just like their kids! (this is truly a case of "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree", that's for sure!) I have a couple parents who take things home for me, as well as a few really helpful volunteers - I'm very lucky. I have one mom who drops her child off - and borrows my broom and sweeps the front of my classroom because it needs it. (Our janitor, bless his heart, should do it but is often absent so..,) Isn't that sweet?

I am a lucky teacher, that is for sure. I read your blogs and it sounds like a lot of you are in the same position. Do you think there's something in the water this year that makes all the firsties so sweet? Enjoy your day, dear friends - I can't wait!

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