Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Field Trips - and Life Lessons

The First Graders went on a field trip today to see the musical, "Pinkalicious". It was based on the book and it was cute. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We actually rode on a bus with seat belts, which was a first for me. I spent a great deal of time buckling up 100 kids on the bus before the bus driver started off but it was well worth it - for the first time in my career, I didn't do a lot of reminding to sit down.  Loved it! For some reason, they were quieter too - maybe the new bus had better insulation.
We ate lunch afterwards in the common area of the building - AND here's another first in my career - I actually got to eat MY lunch! Usually, I'm zipping around opening juice boxes and chip bags - you know how it is. But everyone got their own stuff opened and I was able to eat! Amazing!
It was a fun day - and then we got back to school in time for the kids' Chinese lessons. (Don't ask - our district is experimenting with Chinese classes this year instead of art for an enrichment class. I know - I know what you're thinking, and you'd be right. But it's not up to me so off they go to Chinese.)
The Chinese teacher is a very sweet lady, who has only taught high school, so she's still learning how to deal with first graders. She tends to get involved with a couple kiddos and doesn't always keep a good eye out for the rest of the class, if you get my drift. Today, two of my dear friends decided to cut their hair and their shirts. She was dismayed, to say the least, and called me to take care of the situation. Done - children talked to, parents talked to, Chinese teacher talked to....
Ah well...they're such sweet children as a group that it's easy to forget that they're just children. Privately, I giggled - and so did parents - but the Chinese teacher is still chagrined. I had to laugh though, because after school, every child ran out to their parents and delightedly declared, "Guess what, mommy? I didn't cut my hair or shirt today!"  You gotta love First Graders, don't you?
Enjoy the week with your dear friends everyone!

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