Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hi all,
It's already time for another Currently, which absolutely shocks me - time has flown by before my very eyes!
I have a new little friend in my class - it is very apparent he knows absolutely nothing. He could use another year of Kindergarten but unfortunately, he's six already which would make him a seven year old Kindergarten graduate. Probably not a good idea.
So, I'm finding myself in the unique position of teaching a multi-age class-without the designation of being a combination multi-age class. I have this little guy (who literally cannot write his name, knows 3 letters of the alphabet, zero sounds, and the number 1 - seriously...). Then, I have another group of kids who are starting second grade math because they need some serious challenging. (Don't forget that I started the school year with my little special needs guy too - but he comes with a 1:1 aide, and he's just a doll!). In addition to all this differentiation, I also have regular first graders, doing regular first grade "stuff", some of whom need extra help just like any regular classroom. Oh! And I also tutor twice a week after school to help one of my dear little friends who needs extra help.
I've always made a joke that the classroom runs with three people - Me,, Myself, and I - but this year, I could really use those three people! Ah, well, it will work out - either that, or I'll find myself collapsing in a puddle in the middle of the classroom and the first graders will step over me on the way to centers.  :)

I DO apologize for not keeping up on the blog but between life, my struggles with my eye, and the ever increasing demands of my classroom, I just have not been able to fit this in. I DO, however, read all your blogs and enjoy you all tremendously. Once again, I vow that I will do better and write more often.
I used to be a big letter writer - do you ever think that the blogs are our new way to send letters to each other, filling each other in on our lives? Consider it a "mass" letter to dear friends, if you will. I (hopefully) will talk to you all soon!
Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for a poor teacher with a new student who can't do a thing, I'd very much appreciate it!
Finally, Currently....



  1. Hi Mrs. Mac,
    I know the feeling of a classroom feeling like a sty! We just work like little elves all the time. Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. While searching for something on the internet today, I came across this particular blog. As a kindergarten teacher myself, I'm shocked that you would say it is apparent that your new student knows absolutely nothing. I have dealt with my fair share of students that are low functioning and struggle to grasp basic concepts, but I would never say that a student knows absolutely nothing. I'm sure if you spent a day outside the classroom and away from academics with this little one, you'd find the complete opposite to be true. I'm sure you're a wonderful teacher and are quite possibly frustrated and overwhelmed by your new challenge, but I think it's safe to assume you wouldn't look this child's parents in the eyes and tell them their child knows "absolutely nothing". As an advocate for all of my students and especially struggling learners, I hope this serves as a reminder to choose your words wisely, especially when you have people reading your blogs that are experts in this field.

  3. My, your profession is really inspiring. Not everyone could have patience in handling kindergarten students. But then you have embraced it completely and you enjoy it like bread and butter. I hope you’ll never lose the drive in you coz’ many students are counting on it. God Bless your day!

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