Thursday, February 16, 2012

How I Met My Honey (a little late)

A trillion years ago (okay, 31 and a half years ago), I got a job in the local department store – now gone to wherever department stores go to die – working in the Cookie Shop. I know, I know – who has a cookie shop inside of a department store, right? But this was 1979 and it might as well have still been the Disco Era and anything went. ANYWAYS, it was a night job because I was going to college. It was SUCH an important job that they didn’t even bother to give me a name tag – apparently, SHOCKINGLY, the turnover rate was rather high. I can’t imagine why – who WOULDN’T like to make six inch cookies all day and clean out the yogurt machine every night, right?

My soon-to-be-husband would come down to the Cookie Shop every day and order an oatmeal cookie and a coke from me. He was a nice guy and I liked him and we became friends. Honestly, just friends!

He was in the military and this was a night job in security to make extra money – the military,, in case you didn’t know, does not pay their soldiers very well – sort of like teachers. Hmm… I’m going to file that thought and think about that later…

One day, there was a movie we both wanted to see (remember, we were just FRIENDS) and he asked me if I wanted to see it with him so I said, “Sure.” I couldn’t even tell you what movie it was – and please don’t write and gasp, “How could you not remember? It was a turning point in your relationship!” We went to the movie and had a great time. We realized that we had a lot in common and so we started dating.

He even made me an official name badge that said, “Cookie Girl” that I still have today.

A month after we started to date, he asked me to marry me – on Valentine’s Day. I said, “YES!!!!!” Six months later, we were married, much to my parents horror. But that’s another story for another day. We’ve been married for 32 years, so I guess We Were Right After All So There.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Book of the Month Club - A Common Conversation

Every month, the members of my school, both children and adults, carry on a common conversation. We all read the same book, regardless of grade level, and talk about it. It’s a wonderful experience and we all enjoy it tremendously. Sometimes we select one book, that is a fabulous piece of literature, with interesting pictures to share. Other times, we select a theme: For example, a collection of Cinderella books from around the world. 

It’s interesting to see how different cultures approach the same theme!

Another important part of the Book of the Month Club is a visiting author. We’re very lucky that our PTA sponsors the Book of the Month Club books and the visiting author. This year, we changed focus a little, and selected an author that writes non-fiction books on a Social Studies and Science theme. His books are geared more for the upper grades but we’re assured that his presentation will be for all grades. This is the first time we’ve tried something like this – in the past, we’ve had mostly primary-geared authors and poets. (One year, we had Kristine O’Connell George! She’s a wonderful poet, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to read her books, you really should.)

The author, Mike Graf, is coming on Friday! I am a member of the Book of the Month Committee – yet another thing I’m balancing on my spinning plates this month! The whole school is dressing in “camping attire” (aka jeans and a t-shirt, maybe boots or a bandana? I’m still looking at my decidedly suburban wardrobe…) to greet him and we’re looking forward to his visit.

The Book of the Month Club committee, of which there are 4 of us, are holding our breaths and looking forward to a success COMPLETION of his visit! Wish us luck!

How many of you have something like this? I’d love to hear what books  you’ve read as a school! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm Really Here - Just Crazy Busy!

Hi everyone! So sorry I've been off the blogs lately, but I know you'll understand when I tell you my exciting news. My niece just had a baby girl and she is adorable.
See what I mean? She's still in the hospital, with a heart rate not quite what it should be but the doctors are taking good care of her. I sent a picture to my classroom so the kids could see her and my little girl from China was very upset. She asked me, "If you just had a baby, and you're here with us, who's taking care of the baby?????" I ended up showing her pictures of my family again, pointing out my brother and his niece and  explaining that it wasn't ME who had the baby! (Giggle) Of course, she is the same child who went home and told her mom that I had two husbands - and mom came in and actually ASKED. . .first graders! 

The heart rate issue is a bit serious though, so if you would, keep thinking good thoughts please!

As if a new baby in the family isn't enough, the Charlotte Huck Children's Literature Festival is FAST approaching and I'm starting to get nervous...we've read a lot of George Ella Lyons books and created a lot of thinking maps and cute projects - but still... and we were told to be sure to have a handout for teachers available. One more thing to add to the list of to-do's!

Report cards are due in a few weeks and I haven't even begun to think about them - what do I do for a report card for the kid who went to Pakistan for 41 days on RISE? And didn't do most of the work? And doesn't know a thing that we've done in class? AND cries all day now that she's back?

Finally, we just found out our school will be getting a visit from the Distinguished School crowd - so everyone is in full Preparation Mode. Fortunately, we only have two weeks before the Visit, otherwise I'm sure the principal would send every teacher out for a face lift, just to be sure everything looks fabulous! 

I promise that I'll be a better correspondent! Truly! Really! You don't believe me? I don't either...But I'll try!