Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oy ve!

Have you ever had a friend who always seems to have disastrous illnesses? That’s me! One year it was a hysterectomy that had complications: Spent 15 days in the hospital and almost died and scared everyone I knew. But I got over it and life went on. Yay!

Three days ago, I went to the eye doctor (a good friend who gently insisted I come in) because I was having floaters and she wanted to check it out.  It turns out I have a torn retina. She whisked me off to a retinal specialist, who did a gas injection (ew!) in my eye to help seal it. The next day, I came back to him and he did a freezing procedure to finish up the seal. I have to say, not fun, but I was a good patient. No tears, no complaining about pain, no nothing. You’d have been proud of me!

It’s serious, folks. If I don’t follow the rules, I could lose my vision in that eye, so believe me, I’m following the rules! I have to stay in the position the doctor tells me. The first night, it was on my right side, with my head cocked upward at a truly awkward angle. Now, it’s easier: I have to sit and sleep on my back, in a chair with a slight angle. Good news: I can use the computer! It’s the perfect angle for ny head angle and the good doctor said I could use the computer.  I have to sit like this – no exercising, no cooking or cleaning or anything (darn!) for seven days – until next Wednesday. My back is killing me – I’m not used to just sitting, you know? I have a lovely patch on my eye.

If I’m good and follow the rules – which believe me, I’m doing! -  the retinal tear should be better and I should be okay. Please put your collective selves together and think good thoughts, everyone. I go back to the doctor on Friday to have it checked.

Monday, May 7, 2012


I can't believe it's time for the May "Currently" - wow, the time is flying by! I had such fun over the weekend blog hopping at the Teacher Appreciation Sunday - wow! I found a lot of new blogs to follow, which is very exciting! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

Once again, I’ve been missing in action – with an explanation! My apologies – sometimes it’s hard to keep all the balls in the air!

The entire first grade classes are collaborating on a cute musical called, “Lighten Up!” It’s a kind of primary take on the old television shows that would have songs and jokes throughout it. The kids are having a great time – and so are the teachers! The performance is on May 30th – right at the end of the school year!

We have costumes planned (my class is wearing top hats and bow ties) and have been practicing “on the stage” (Our cafeteria is called a multipurpose room – not only is its primary job to be the cafeteria, but it also has a stage in the front so we can do assemblies and plays!)

The songs are running through my mind even in my sleep! I grade papers humming the songs. I cook dinner with the soundtrack running as a backwards rhythm section. If you’ve ever done a musical or play before, you know how it is!

Thank heavens for Lettering Delights, though! They have a huge clearance sale going on right now (you can click on their icon on my blog and it will take you there). One of the sets I picked up will make perfect backdrops pictures – it has musical notes and instruments and cute kids – I can’t wait to send them to the district office to be made into posters!

The entire school (except K and 1st grade, thankfully) is taking the STAR test this next 2 weeks – I have 8 extra students in my classroom the whole morning. We have a combination class (first grade/second grade). The second graders are taking the test with their teacher so the first graders in that class have been split up among the rest of the first grades and they spend the morning with us. In addition, I also have 2 4th graders who have IEP’s that specify that they take the test with the Resource Teacher – at a different time then the rest of their peers. So, they come to me while the others are taking their tests. Yikes! Talk about a dramatic increase – my class increased by a third overnight! It’s been a challenge logistically, but it’s working out.

Do you do plays or musicals with your class? We’re a public school (not a magnet) with an emphasis on the visual and performing arts so every teacher has to do some kind of performance during the year.