Monday, July 9, 2012

News From Office Depot

Hi everyone! I have very good news regarding Office Depot: They have changed their Star Teacher discount program for the better. Here's a link that you can read about it: Office Depot Star Teacher Discount. I, for one, am very happy about this, particularly since Staples has chosen to have a much less generous approach to education lately. 

I'll be interested in seeing how Office Depot decides to handle multiple purchases of school supply items. Last year, they were okay with it, as long as we made it in multiple purchases. It was kind of silly: I would go and buy 10 folders and pay for them, walk out the door and put them in my car, and walk back in and purchase 10 more, etc. Staples wouldn't do that at all, so I chose not to purchase anything there. 

Last year, Target had a huge clearance sale at the end of their school supply season and I was lucky to have a friend buy me notebooks for 10 cents each: I'm hoping they'll have this again! Target already has school supplies out but not on sale yet: I'm holding out...

Have you started to check out school supplies yet? Or am I the only crazy one out there this early?

Oh! By the way, we got our couch - at CostCo of all places! Yay! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Currently July

Yeah, yeah, I know... blog only one time a day ... BUT you have to admit that I haven't blogged a lot this month, so hopefully you'll excuse the double post! Have a great 4th!

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I am counting my blessings today! I hope you all have a wonderful day! I have friends over and I'm cooking, which will be fun. Then we'll walk down to the local high school and watch the fireworks. It will be such a fun day! I will think of you all! 

(The clip art is from Lettering Delights. It's from a package called Patriot Pride, which is simply delightful!)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Furniture Shopping...

My hubby and I have spent the day looking for a new couch. Our other couch – which we bought at Lazy Boy’s only a few years ago, has totally broken down. I’ll tell you, all, Lazy Boy is NOT what it used to be! Our first couch that we bought from them lasted forever – but this one is less than 5 years old and is DONE. Very frustrating!

So that means, of course, that we’re visiting every furniture store in Southern California. The couch is mostly for my husband and he’s a tall guy so not any couch will work: It has to have a high back – and of course, it has to be comfortable! This is no easy task!

We are still on the hunt: Nothing he’s sat in is just right, and I totally get it: It’s something he’s going to have to sit in for years and years! I imagine we’ll be hunting for this elusive couch for awhile!

That’s been my weekend: I hope yours has been more interesting and fun!